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Winning thesis – 1st Prize

Lt.Col. Matthew R.C. Fyjis-Walker (UK). Explore the use, and implications, of sanitized language by the public authorities in explaining violence to the electorate in the UK

cover thesis 2021 HeamesFyjis Walker


The winner of the first prize argues that the use of language is not neutral; it determines, and is determined, by perspective. This paper explores the role of an influential vocabulary of war, sanitised language, the language that seeks to clean up the appearance of events through euphemism, abstract words and opaque phrases.

The English version will be published on an open-access basis with publisher Martinus Nijhoff in June 2024.


Second Prize

Pilot officer-cadet Adrien Aury (Belgium). The application of Just War Theory to peace operations.

Cover Prize2022 AuryAury

The winner of the second prize argues that the ethical framework for war – Just War Theory – remains relevant today. However, it is not suitable for all military actions and peace operations are an example of this lack of suitability.




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